Android and Education On the Fly

Android OS is one of the newest hip on todays market, with infinite possibilities, and great cross-operability with other technology. With its web – capability it is very possible to let it work hand in hand with cloud computing and its integration with education delivery to serve more consumers with more options. Just come to think of it, you can access your course area with your android phone or netbook, and receive notifications, reply to inquiries in real time, and with vast collection of resources from Google Scholars, then learning is fun logo Android and Education On the Fly

So how could andriod be part of Education On the Fly (EOF) project, EOF is a community project aimed to develop ways to deliver education with the power of Cloud computing, with android’s web capability and open architecture, it is easy to create and implement bridges that will deliver rich contents and increase interactivity from an EOF base system.

EOF Features:

1. Learning Management System in integration with Student Information System

2. Connectivity with vital agencies to enable resource sharing, to enhance content development.

3. Mobi-Connect for Android Phones to enable real time interaction with EOF Base System Services such as:

a. Video Conferencing via Web and Android Phones

b. Forums

c. Courseware Repository for educators

d. Notes Repository for learners

e. Scheduling and Events management and more…

4. Online Document management and repository, which include creation, documented modifications and archiving and more…

More about EOF and Android will be posted…

Tzar C. Umang

Head for Research and Development

Masterplax Team