Sony Tablets – S1 and S2 officially announced

Sony Tablet S1 S2 540x291 Sony Tablets   S1 and S2 officially announcedTokyo, Japan – SONY is joining the tablet war and they [SONY] are armed with two Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets, officially announced and codenamed Sony S1 and Sony S2. This two tablets are different if you compare it to Samsung’s, Motorola and Toshiba tablets. The design is elegant and feature reach.

Check this video to see this Tablet in depth.

The Sony S1 and S2 is 9.2-inches and 5.5-inches respectively. The design is like no other, unlike the XOOM and Galaxy Tab in their thin-straight shape, Sony S1 has “off-center of gravity form factor, the 9.4-inch S1 offers stability and a sense of lightness, offering comfortable use for hours”.

The S2 has a flip screen that can be combine to use as a single screen for browsing and can be split to use as virtual keyboard. Both tablet is said to have WiFi and WAN(3g/4g) support. I have no idea if  both LTE and HSPA+ are supported simultaneously on both machine or maybe it will only differ to the country where it will be sold.S1 Pic 2 560x364 Sony Tablets   S1 and S2 officially announced

Sony is all about integration with their existing network, “The tablets will also have access to networked content via Sony’s Qriocity™ Music and Video Services as well as PlayStation® Suite and the Sony Reader™ Store”.

Source: Sony Blog

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