Samsung Galaxy S III release date and the Human Interaction feature

The Samsung Galaxy S III as we all know it will be officially be unveiled on May 3, 2012 in London. This launch was expected and also to coincide with the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic in July-August and Samsung is one of the major sponsor. With tons of leak specs and images few weeks back, YouMobile was able to have the final image.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-leak-may 3

Credit: YouMobile.Org

Now, lets talk about its specs. First and foremost, Samsung will not be naming this phone as ‘Galaxy S III’ according to CNET insider. The device is just a minor upgrade to the ever famous Galaxy S II. Lets put this new device in the situation of iPhone 4S to iPhone 4. Many expected that device is a completely new device but it isn’t.

The device screen si 4.7” compared to 4.3″ of S II. It will be powered by Exynos Quadcore 1.5Ghz system chip and 1-Gigabyte of RAM. Samsung Galaxy S II successor is the Galaxy Note and Samsung want to use the popularity of Galaxy SII  to be used by their next device.

The new Samsung Galaxy S III (for now) will feature ‘Human Interaction’. Samsung Human Interaction is like the ICS face-unlock but with a twist. The device’s front camera will constantly scan the user as you using your phone like typing text then it will lock when the owner is no longer looking at the screen.

May is just 2 weeks away and lets see if the new device from Samsung will truly live to its expectation just like the magic of Galaxy S II. With minor spec update from its predecessor the codename phone ‘Bali’ their is no surprise that many Samsung fan is not satisfied. Both Galaxy S II and Note are amazing  devices respectively, will Sasmsung be adding another awesome device to their porfolio?

What do you think of this device from Samsung? It will surpass the Galaxy S 2′s legacy? What do you think about the new naming convention from Samsung? Let us hear your thoughts by commenting below.