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Title: Google Asked Nokia to Adopt Android - but it says No!
Post by: Unwired on February 16, 2011, 06:45:11 AM
We’ve just been informed that as Nokia shopped their hardware to the two premium third-party smartphone OS providers in the United States, Google took initiative and asked them to join powers. The end result? Well, you already know – Microsoft won.

Schmidt said Google expressed disappointment when they made that choice. And it wasn’t exactly because Nokia doesn’t like what Android has to offer, I think. It’s because of a man named Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s former head of their Business Division.

Elop was recently appointed CEO and President of Finnish-bred Nokia, but his ties to Microsoft remained close. It’s not a coincidence, folks. And I’m not knocking Nokia for this at all – it’s their business. But I can’t imagine it was easy for them to ignore how big Android already is.

Was it Money? We know Microsoft has a lot of it. Google has even more. Or is it just vision? Does Nokia see something in Windows Phone 7 that has them genuinely optimistic? Or is there something in Android’s ecosystem that turned them away?

Whatever the case is, I imagine if Nokia ever does adopt our little baby robot, it won’t be under the direction of Elop. We’ll keep dreaming regardless.