Google Nexus 3 along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Andy-Rubin-GoogleOne of the striking question at the Q/A – Google I/O 2011 Day is “Will Ice Cream Sandwich require phones with more processing power now that the complex holographic UI is confirmed to be making its way to phones?”  “Maybe, maybe not.” Andy Rubin answered.

As Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich announced, we can assume that it will accompanied by a new Nexus phone and in the history of Nexus family, this will be the third member. Google always release Nexus phone along with new version of Android to set the bars for all Android phones. The specs of Nexus is always top of the line and we can expect that the next generation will out perform other phones.

The Google Nexus 3 might be the first  Dual Core phone in the family probably powered by Nvidia Tegra 2. The Nvidia Tegra 2 is the king of the hill when it comes to mobile processor and favorite choice of OEMs. Also there are some speculation that the Nexus 3 might be the first quad-core Android phone powered by Nvidia Tegra 3, five times powerful than the Tegra 2.

So far this are raw news and we can expect more information about this build in coming months. So what do you think about the Nexus 3? A quad-core or a dual core phone?

Image Credit: Android Authority

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