Google Nexus Tablet courtesy of LG – rumor

Tablets are the hottest devices today from Apple’s Ipad  2 to Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets and  Google will join the war soon. Google is now working with LG to develop the  Google  Nexus Honeycomb Tablet. Yes! Google’s  very own Tablet.


According to the rumored news only LG agrees to Google’s term for building the Nexus Tablet.  I guess this is another reason why the Honeycomb Source code has been delayed for public release and Google is polishing the Honeycomb for their own tablet. Many claimed that the  Android 3.0 Honeycomb is buggy and unpolished.

Like the Nexus Phones, Google will try to establish true Android Tablet experience. Many of the OHA members customized their own Android and use their own UI. Unlike Nexus it uses the real Android UI.

Currently no other news about Nexus Tablet’s hardware specs, release date and Honeycomb improvements. But one thing is for sure, until Google finally releases its own tablet in the market then they will finally release the Honeycomb source code.  The delay in the release will limit Chinese OEM to have access in the source code for their own generic tablets.

History of Nexus Android family:
Google Nexus One – HTC
Google Nexus S – Samsung

image and news via AndroidAuthority

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