Google won the trademark case

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Google and the 46 members of Open Handset Alliance connected to Android finally won the legal battle over the Android Trademark. The judge sided with the companies using Google’s OS and dismissed the infrigement suit. The case was filed by Erich Specht  an Illonois entrepreneur.

Erich Specht is the man behind Android Data that specializes in software that helps websites perform data transfers securely and efficiently. He applied the patent and was granted in 2002 but then the company fell apart in the same year with only $600,000.00 in profit. Google on the other hand applied for the Android Trademark  in October of 2007 and was rejected in Febuary of 2008. Google appealed the decision, saying that Spectch has no right for the trademark because the company is longer in business.

The judge granted the Google’s motion to throw out the case, agreeing that Android Data had been abandoned. Specht’s trademark was also cancelled by the court for the reason that might create confusion with Android Mobile OS.

Google was pleased by the result of the case saying that the case was baseless from the start.

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