Nvidia Tegra 2-3D and Tegra 3 roadmap – leaked

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Sometimes we are blinded by the news from left-to- right about Android OS, to the latest smartphones and tablets but the mobile CPU war is on going and we just left behind.  The secret is out! https://graniteempirechattanooga.com kitchen countertops services kitchen countertops.

road map of nvidia tegra cpu

Nvidia is working on quad-core-system on-chip(SoC) at 1.5Ghz for mobile devices. Nvidia’s new Tegra CPU namely the Tegra 2-3D and Tegra 3.

Tegra 2-3D is an a new CPU that is based from the orginal Tegra 2 which is a Dual Cortext A-9 Processor. Both Tegra 2-3D Tablet (T25) and Phones(AP25) chips will have the same specification. Based on the leaked slide it is running up to 1.2Ghz @ 5520 Million Instruction per second (MIPS) which is 20% faster than its predecessor.

The Tegra  2 3D will come this spring of 2011 focusing more on 3D display Smartphones and Monitors, I do not know when this leaked came out but if this document are one-month old or older then the Tegra 2 3D is now on production stage and will be delivered to customers this spring as scheduled.

An interesting detail is about the Tegra 3. This is Nvidia’s first quad-core mobile CPU and will might feature four Cortex-A9 cores @ 1.5Ghz.

Tegra 3 has 2 version one for Tablet and one for Phones. The Tablet is the T30 running up to 1.5Ghz at 13800 MIPS which is 3x much faster than the Tegra 2-3D, notable features are Ultra-Low Power CPU mode, Blue-Ray display at 1900×1200 display. It is expected to roll out the production line this fall of 2011.

If the leaked roadmap is accurate, we are expecting Nvidia to release newer CPUs every 6 months, faster than its competitors like Texas Instrument with there TI’s dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4440 and Freescale’s 1.2Ghz quad-core cpu.

For every 6-months new CPUs are out in the market this will synchronize with Google’s release of their newer version of Android thus forcing Samsung, Qualcomm and Texas Instrument to speed up their release cycles.

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