Oracle seeks $1.6billion from Google Android lawsuit

oracle-vs-androidOracle is seeking $1.6 billion in damages over Google Android’s alleged copyright and patent infringement. The original cost of damages filed by Oracle was ridiculously $6.1 billion and many analyst say that it’s over rated. Miami limo service websites and posts on miami limo service

The lawsuit is related to the use of Java technologies in  Android’s software development kit (SDK) and Android use of Dalvik.  Dalvik VM first execute the Android app and covert it to .dex format for system with constraint memory and CPU speed. Dalvik also uses Java scripting app and this is one of the area of the lawsuit.

Java as an Open Source language I think anyone like Dan Bornstein can use it in his Dalvik VM without owing to Oracle and this issue only raised when Oracle acquired Java last 2009.

The case is filed in San Francisco under U.S. District Judge William Alsup who also denied the $6.1 billion dollar lawsuit however allowed the company to review the claim and Oracle now set to $202 million for patent and $960 million for copyright infringement respectively.The trial will start this coming October.

Many bloggers says that it would be hard for Oracle to prove that Google indeed violated any copyright or patent infrigement. If Google will lose in this case it will pay the amount or Google will pay an expensive royalty fee to Oracle.

Lucian Armasu – Android Authority

if Google ends up losing the trial, I can’t imagine them paying even $1 billion for it, which is as much as Oracle is claiming. It would probably be much less, and it would barely scratch Google, financially wise.

Florian Mueller – NoSoftwarePatents

“Instead, the profitability of this for Oracle may now depend mostly on the question of whether or not the court grants an injunction,” Mueller wrote. “With an injunction, Oracle would have the leverage to negotiate with Google a licence deal that could result in a very high per-unit royalty.”

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Source: Reuters

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