Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread update – confirmed

If you think that Samsung Galaxy S (i-9000) becomes obsolete when the Galaxy  S2 finally hit the market? I just received a news tip from fellow blogger Radu Nick of Daily-Gadget from the Netherlands confirming that Samsung Galaxy S  gets Gingerbread update. I’ve seen leaks of the Gingerbread update for Galaxy S but the firmware has some issue like 3G bug and now it is for real!

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is still a powerful Android smartphone and still selling  here in the Philippines. This is a good gesture from Samsung to provide two major update for their handsets even the successor is just around the corner (Galaxy S 2). The first Android version of the Galaxy S was Android 2.1 Eclair, after a long wait it was updated to Froyo. We’ve seen high-end Android phones that haven’t and won’t receive even a single update in their lifetime but not the Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S Gingerbread update has a catch, the Android 2.2.1 update will end of March 20. The Gingerbread update will roll out  most likely via Kies or OTA and will end until the end of March.

Samsung won’t stop there! They will also release major Froyo update for the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 phones. This phones are low-end and mid-range phone with Eclair on it but with Froyo it will be new smartphone and you will have flash player support.

The Galaxy S Android 2.3 update was announced at Samsung’s Romania facebook facebook page, below:
Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread updateTranslation: Here are some news about the upcoming upgrades to your Android running smartphones. The 2.2.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S will be available until March 20 and the Gingerbread update will roll out until the end of March. The Galaxy 3 will get the Froyo update in the coming week (14-20 March). The Galaxy 5 will get the Froyo update near the end of the month (sooner than March 31).

Before the Gingerbread beta for Galaxy S leaked I never expected that the Galaxy S will get Gingerbread for the main reason that a new flagship is coming out in the name of Galaxy S 2. As I said this is a good gesture from Samsung for providing major updates since most consumers now are looking for vendors with good update background. With their previous confusing Froyo update I guess Samsung is trying to make some good update performance credibility.

Note: The update will available only for UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY S and if you are tied up with certain carrier you have to wait for their official update.

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