Samsung Galaxy S2 – 1 unit for every 1.5seconds

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UPDATE: The  price of Samsung Galaxy S2 is Php 27,800+.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 is truly the king of all smartphones and it is selling like hot cakes. Samsung sold more than 3 million units after 55 days in the market thus making 1 Galaxy S 2 unit sold for every 1.5 seconds. This record broke the previous best seller the Samsung Galaxy S by 30 days and making the Galaxy S2  as the fastest seller in Samsung history.

In Korea alone, it sold more than 1-million units, and  other sales is from Europe e.g UK, Austria and Switzerland. It will further boost its sales when it reaches Latin America particularly Mexico  and Brazil after officially launched last June 30. It is also expected to have a good sales in the Southeast Asia region.

For US market, Samsung Galaxy S2 is renamed for various carrier. It will be called as Samsung Function (on Verizon), Samsung Within (on Sprint), and  the Samsung Attain (on AT&T). T-Mobile is also rumored to come up with its own rebrand, although the carrier has given no official pronouncements about it yet.

In the Philippines, Globe Telecom is the official distributor of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and currently in pre-order.

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