Blackberry Enterprise Solution will support Android and iOS

rim blackberry 300x206 Blackberry Enterprise Solution will support  Android and iOSResearch In Motion (RIM) – the company behind Blackberry is tapping to both Android and iOS market. First it was Android apps running on Blackberry Playbook but it was not the end. RIM plans to bring multi-platform Blackberry Enterprise Solution to both Android and iOS for managing and securing mobile devices for enterprises and government organization.

The multi-platform  Blackberry Enterprise Solution, will help IT administrator to manage the entire mobile solution in a single web console.  It can activate, provide software updates, reset passwords, and wipe date over-the-air. Making the lives of the IT people simple and easy.

Blackberry is well known for its tight security, because of this security large companies won’t allow their employees to use other phones but only Blackberry. With this new effort from RIM, this company policy will about to change, Android and iOS phones can be use in corporate level without comprising security.

But there’s a catch, RIM’s Blackberry Balance will remain as a major feature of Blackberry. It  allows corporate users to use a single phone for both business and personal use without compromising security.

This multi-platform solution will be available by the end of this year.

Source: AndroidPolice