iPad 3 A5X vs Nvidia Tegra 3 benchmarked

Following the claim of Apple during the iPad 3 unveiling that its A5X chip is 5x faster in graphics capability compared to the Nvidia Tegra 3 without showing any benchmark to support their claim and this resulted to questions. The Tegra 3 is the latest processor that is powering the Android quad-core slates and smartphones to date.

The good guys from LaptopMag did the test using the new iPad versus ASUS Transformer prime powered by Tegra 3. The result shows that the iPad 3 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is no way faster than the Tegra 3 as it claims to be 5x faster. The physics and details of Tegra 3 is unquestionable, while the iPad 3 A5X is lacking details as it was tested in the game Shadow Gun. Shadow Gun is one of the most intesive 3D mobile game “the quad-core Tegra 3 blew its competitor way as it achieved an overall score of 1,571 to the A5X’s 692. On the integer (1391 to 614), floating point (2408 to 825) and memory subtests (1076 to 784), the Tegra 3 dominated, but the A5X bested it by a small margin of 324 to 266 on the stream subtest.”

iPad A5X vs Nvidia Tegra 3 iPad 3 A5X vs Nvidia Tegra 3 benchmarked

Credit: LaptopMag


For more detailed bechmark result of the iPad 3 A5X vs. Nvidia Tegra 3, check the full result at Laptop Mag.

  • Evanblive91

    Umm, no. Apple NEVER claimed that the A5X SoC “offers four times the performance” of the “quad-core Tegra 3 CPU”!
    They claimed that the GPU in the A5X offered four times the GRAPHICS performance of the GPU in the Nvidia Tegra 3 Soc!

    And look at that, in the only fffing GRAPHICS benchmark they ran, the GPU in the A5X was OVER 4 times faster than the GPU in Tegra 3. Jesus Christ how can people get things so wrong?

    The rest of the tests were freaking CPU tests. And what do you know? The Tegra 3 with a quad core CPU beats the A5X with a dual core CPU, on CPU tests!

  • http://www.cashforsmartphones.com/ sell my cell phone|Mapi

    Tegra 3 quad core CPU out matched the A5X dual core CPU.

  • Markaznar

    What an idiot, of course that game looks better, they were optimized for the tegra 3! You sir have no idea what your talking about. The iPad version was not optimized to run on its new gpu, it wasn’t even optimized as well on the a5 zzzzz. Gpu wise a5x >>>>>> tegra 3, no matter how you put it, you shall see the huge hit once the infinity tegra 3 version is released, tegra 3 on 1900 resolution rofl, at it’s current resolution on the prime it’s already even limping compared to an a5.

    • http://localhost:8888 Patrick

      looks like fruit fan boy eh? apple claimed that its 4 or 5 times faster but cant even reach the benchmark.

      lets see in the future when a5x optimized game will match the game optimized for tegra.

      as an idiot i will share that thought of yours to those guy who did the benchmarks…

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