Motorola Tablet is named XOOM

Few weeks back Andy Rubin of Google Android showed the world the latest prototype of Motorola Tablet during his Dive Into Mobile demo in San Franciso running his upcoming Android Honeycomb. Now, the Droid Motorola  Tablet is officially named as Motorola Xoom.

The Xoom is the first Tablet to have no hard buttons, Android 2.4 Honeycomb as its soul and  an Nvidia Tegra-2 processor for its brain. With the official youtube video (posted below) the Honeycomb is optimized for Tablet. We can not really see this in action until CES this coming weeks.

According to Droid-Life source it has no 4G or LTE built –in radio but instead an external modem for 4G/LTE.

Verizon is the main carrier of the XOOM with 38 main cities and 60 Airports that are currently have their 4G/LTE service. The power of Android Honeycomb and Tegra 2 will compensate with the speed provided by 3G. Yes! It has onboard 3G.

Source: Droid Life via theAndroidGuy