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Instagram for Android is now available at Play Store

The first public demo of this app was in the recently concluded SXSW in Texas and after few days of waiting, Instagram for Android is now available at Google Play Store. Instagram is a free app that enables user to take photo and apply digital filter and share it to various social networking site and

Angry Birds Space is released and available for Free on Android

Angry Birds Space is now online at Android Play Store. The game was even featured by NASA at the International Space Station for the announcement of its title. It offers 60-level game across space in a zero gravity environment. There is also a new feature called Danger Zone and according to Rovio developers those 30 levels of

Angry Birds Space – release date is March 22

Angry Birds is one of the most played mobile game and if you are tired of the same game play from previous releases? Angry Birds Space is the upcoming new version of this cross platform game. Played in the vastness of space this version is totally a new way of playing the Angry Birds. You

Breaking News: Android Market is now Google Play

The Android Market is has been the household name for Android users in the entire universe but Google decided to drop this famous app store brand and introduce a new service.  I must say RIP Android Market. The new brand for Google Android App portal is  called Google Play. Google Android Market has gone through

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android – now available for $9.99

The Adobe Photoshop is by far the widely used Photo editing software in both pro and normal users and now it is available in Tablets. Adobe officially released the Photoshop Touch in both Android and iOS (iPad 2) platform. The Photoshop Touch  features some of the core functions of its desktop breathren such as the

Google Wallet Vulnerability – Clear Cache, Change PIN and you’re good to go!

Banking using our smartphone is probably one of the best innovation and comfortable way of doing online transaction. I always use this apps to connect to my accounts and most of the time use to pay merchandise online but if security fails it’s a horror. Google Wallet is a smart way of paying merchandise and

Google Chrome for Android – Beta is out!

That’s right folks! The browser that we’ve been waiting for just landed on Android. Google Chrome for Android is currently in BETA and only available in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and in selected countries. Google Chrome for Android app works for both smartphones and tablet.  It also features ‘Igconigto Mode‘ where your browsing history

Istagram coming to Android?

Popular photo-filter  Istagram is coming to Android as well? This app is so popular that it is one of the reason why people are buying iPhones and iPad. One of the guys at InFlexWeTrust posted a picture of the notification on his Galaxy Tab showing a link of this app. The app link is broken

Useful Earthquake Android apps

Today a  Magnitude 6.8 the hit Cebu-Negros  island of the Philippines and other neighboring Islands in the Visayas and Mindanao causes panic to affected population.  This are natural forces of nature we can’t avoid but with enough knowledge and preparation we can avoid hysteria and panic. How Android can help us? If you are an Android

DropBox for Android – Automatic Syncing of Pictures, 500MB bonus space, no file format restrictions

DropBox updated their desktop client and you are entitled for up to 5GB space and photo-video upload feature and DropBox for Android also been updated to support picture and video syncing. The good side of this is that when you upload your first picture you will be given an extra 500MB of DropBox space. Pictures and videos