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Blackberry halted BBM for Android and iOS global roll-out

Blackberry Messaging system “BBM” for Android and iOS is expected to  roll-out  but RIM postponed the launching. The Android BBM App is postponed with no exact release date but the iOS BMM App is scheduled tomorrow but it will not be global release but instead regional. There was a leaked BBM for Android app posted

YouTube for Android offline viewing eyed by November

After YouTube upgraded its Android make to the now version 5.0, it came to a point that I actually use the app, all because of its multitasking capabilities. The video streamer also is endowed with a new logo and personally, it did bring a lot of flavor, especially to us Android users. Apparently, YouTube isn’t

BBM to Android set on the 21st, 7:00 AM ET

No, your eyes (and ears) doesn’t deceive you. After four months of negotiation, Blackberry’s highly popular Blackberry Messaging (BBM) app will finally be integrated into the Android and iOS platform. Still can’t believe the news? Well, it’s time to think of it as a done deal as Blackberry’s official blog has it that the app

Nexus 5, Android KitKat to be released in mid-October

An anonymous tip has it that they will officially release the Nexus 5 and their latest Android version, the KitKat in mid-October of this year. Yes, folks; the already popular LG Nexus 5, who is already in the hot seat for the tons of leaks it has produced lately and the search engine’s latest partnership

Alleged Nexus 5 passes NFC, dubbed LG-D820

Info on the supposed Nexus 5 started during the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat as one of the Google Employee was using a never been seen Nexus handset, much bigger than the current Nexus 4.   Personally, I’ll be waiting for every news around this new Smartphone, especially with the fact that it comes with

Android Distribution Numbers out, Jelly Bean on top!

Android’s September’s distribution numbers are here, people! A bit tardy, Google is but it’s all good on our part. In all honesty, we (and the rest of the human race, probably) were too much indulged in the announcing of the 4.4 build, Google’s partnership with Nestle, the huge KitKat statue and the alleged Nexus 5

Google hints Nexus 5

After announcing that the Android 4.4 build would be named KitKat in behalf of their recent partnership with Nestle, a seemingly new phone was spotted during the erection of the huge Android/KitKat statue and that it bears the LG Nexus logo. The partnership between Google and Nestle for me is a good thing and it

Android 4.4 KitKat

It’s a tradition that every time Google is about to introduce a new version of Android OS they install statue in front of the Google Office surprisingly today they added the newest member of the delicious treat – Android KitKat. This is the first time that Google used a specific brand for their version name.

Android 4.3 Rolling out to Google Play Edition handsets – Galaxy S4 & HTC One

The pure-Android Galaxy S4 and HTC One also known as the Google Play Edition handsets are getting Android 4.3 OTA Update. These Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One runs on Vanilla Android compared to the original handsets that uses Samsung and HTC Android version respectively. For the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 has a

Google Drive is now available – get 5GB free storage, available for PC, Mac, and Android

Google Drive is up! Google launched their latest cloud service called Google Drive. Google Drive is your cloud storage, you can put any file format on it for safe keeping. You can create, share, collaborate with your friends or colleagues with its Google Document integration. Google Drive users will get a 5GB storage for free