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The Success of Instagram

Instagram is today’s talk of town both on iOS on Android platform. After being successful on iOS platform this photo-sharing app garnered over 30-million active users and recently it was released on Android.  Another milestone of Instagram was on Monday when they announced that Facebook will acquire the company with the whooping price of $1-billion

Breaking News: Android Market is now Google Play

The Android Market is has been the household name for Android users in the entire universe but Google decided to drop this famous app store brand and introduce a new service.  I must say RIP Android Market. The new brand for Google Android App portal is  called Google Play. Google Android Market has gone through

LG Optimus 4X HD – The First Nvidia Tegra 3 Quadcore Powered Smartphone

One week before the Mobile World Congress and LG seems cant wait that long. LG just announced the LG Optimis 4X HD and the first smartphone announced that is powered by Nvida Tegra 3 Quad-Core SoC and LG’s first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device. Last year it was also LG got the Guiness award

Samsung Galaxy S III will have its own launch event this summer

In few weeks time, The Mobile World Congress 2012 - the gathering of smartphone manufacturers  and one of them is Samsung.  At last year’s MWC 2011 the show stopper was the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S II and in the upcoming MWC 2012 many have thought that Samsung will unveil their 2012 flagship. The much