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Google+ users Guide – Tips and Tricks

I assume as you read this blog post you have already received a Google+ invite? If you have an account to this new social service from Google and quite confused, a collaborative document has been released from 120+ (G+ users) to guide us on how to use this cool service. It features tips, tricks, and

Nvidia Tegra 3 ‘Kal El’ – demo

The Tegra 3 ‘Kal El’ is the upcoming SoC ‘System on Chip’ from Nvidia featuring 4-cores of Arm Cortex A9s with 12 – cores of Nvidia GPU. This Quad-Core mobile processor will power the next generation of Android devices such as Tablets and Smartphones. Today the Apple A5 is the fastest if compared to Tegra

Nvidia CEO sees Android domination over Apple

According to the President and CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang, Google Android powered tablets will soon overtake the red-hot Apple Ipad tablet as more applications are being developed  and hardware are improving for Android devices. Since the debut of Nvidia Tegra-2 (dual core) mobile processor Android tablets powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb is gaining popularity

Google to unveil its music service tomorrow at the I/O 2011?

Google I/O is a major event that has full of surprises, according to the Wall Street Journal sources Google is preparing to unveil their music service. Like Amazon Inc., cloud service, Google music service enables users or owner to upload their music file and stream it over supported devices and what else is that device?

Nvidia Tegra 2-3D and Tegra 3 roadmap – leaked

Sometimes we are blinded by the news from left-to- right about Android OS, to the latest smartphones and tablets but the mobile CPU war is on going and we just left behind.  The secret is out! Nvidia is working on quad-core-system on-chip(SoC) at 1.5Ghz for mobile devices. Nvidia’s new Tegra CPU namely the Tegra 2-3D

NVIDIA Tablet Prototype – gaming tablet?

An article at Gizmodo caught my attention, Nvidia Tablet powered by Tegra 2 Mobile processor. Nvidia as the biggest manufacturer of graphics processor it is not a surprise that they entered the Tablet wars. Everything started with Apple iPad and now we have tons of alternative Tablets in the market. Inside this Tablet prototype is