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Hi to all just want ask if this samsung nexus s is good phone compare to htc desire or sony ericsson neo. Im planning to get this phone and if evr this will be my first android phon...
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This forum is dedicated for all Pinoy Android users. Here we will talk anything and everything about Android from Android Operating System and  Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets; the ...]]>
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<![CDATA[Android 4.0 SDK Now avaialable]]> /forum/index.php/topic,157.msg242.html#msg242 Android Development blog.

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Overall, the update was okay. Most of the update were visual (notification bars, icons, Samsung keypad, font, and music UI) but one noticeabl...]]>
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<![CDATA[Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace]]> /forum/index.php/topic,131.msg240.html#msg240 I'll post immediately after I've updated and played around with my phone.

Just sharin'.  Wink]]>
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<![CDATA[Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace]]> /forum/index.php/topic,131.msg239.html#msg239 Oh. Thanks. I saw the past comments on the link.  Grin

No luck in updating my Ace. Kies still says my phone's firmware is up to date.  Undecided I just sent an e-mail to Samsung Philippines regarding the Gingerbread update for SG Ace. I hope I'll get...]]>
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apps for android phones http...]]>
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