Motorola Atrix 4G – Rooted, HowTo

Morotola Atrix 4G is a great device, packed with power but the out of the box Android has limitations set by the carrier that is why we are looking ways to ROOT it!

Rooting is the process of gaining admin rights to the device. Think of this us a computer with guest account, you need to install something but you can’t since you are just a guest user. By having root access you can remove bloatware, install back up apps and have a fully customized Android device.

Notable users designgears and Getaphixx from xda-dev forum were the first to root the Motorola Atrx 4G prior to its release last February.

The process is safe, but PinoyDROID can not be held responsible for anything nasty that happens to your Atrix 4G. Make sure you’ve done your research prior to rooting your Atrix 4G! Check out the rooting instructions below. The HowTo instruction is courtesy of BriefMobile.

How To Motorola Atrix 4G Root:

Operating systems that are already compatible and ready to root Atrix 4G

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS)
  • Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)
  • Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)
  • Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS)
  • Ubuntu Maverick (10.10)
  • Debian Lenny (5.0)
  • Debian Squeeze (testing)
  • Debian Sid (unstable)
  • Debian Experimental

If you don’t have one of these,

  • Install Motorola drivers on your computer
    • Mount the device for Media Sync.
    • Then switch to Motorola Phone Portal
    • Motorola Helper will install proper drivers.
    • Go here and download and install the proper drivers if you cannot get your phone recognized.
      • If you must perform this step, you’ll need to install the Motorola Media Link program, then reboot your computer and device before trying to connect
      • Alternatively, download the more lightweight 64-bit drivers or 32-bit drivers for Windows computers.
  • Download Super One Click v1.6.5
  • 1. After installing the drivers, meeting the prerequisites, and downloading CLShortFuse’s Super One Click, proceed to the next step.
    2. Extract the Super One Click package to a folder on your computer
    3. Place your phone into USB Debugging mode
    * Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> Development >> Enable “USB debugging”
    4. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable
    5. Do NOT mount your device’s SD card
    6. Run the Super One Click program
    7. Simply click the “Root” button in Super One Click
    8. Before rebooting, click “Allow Non Market Apps”
    9. Reboot your device

    Congratulations! You now have a rooted Motorola Atrix 4G!

    – the source of the rooting instruction.
    XDA-Forum – Official thread of the Motorola Atrx  4G Rooting

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    • optionblue

      Its good to have a step by step instructions to follow for rooting. its also interesting. Do you happen to know if the Motorola Atrix will soon be available in the Philippines? its a very fast smartphone at a good price…

    • PinoyDROID

      I doubt it since Motorola specifically their Android line is not yet in the Philippine market…Most of our Android Phones are Asian based vendor like Samsung, HTC, SE and LG.

      • jabog023

        hi PINOYDROID I’M A PINOY TOO.. can u give instruction on rooting motorola backflip??… because i tried many times but still failed..maraming salamat sana matulungan mo ko. :(

        • PinoyDROID

          Hi jabog023

          Here is the full instruction on how to root your Motorola Backflip,

          Do it with your risk and do some research first with recovery software, drivers and all the things you need before rooting.


      • Low

        Hello PinoyDroid. Do you think we can be able to root the PLDT Telpad? I’ve been dissapointed in how they released those tablet phones without any updates or support from the app market (they have their own stock market app) and its not even working. Basically the only way that you can install with the unit that I have is by installing apk’s however apps that you can install are just limited as the phone is not rooted yet. Here are the specs of the phone PLDT AD-1000.

        I have my very own Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 rooted by myself however I’ve been thinking in where to get the usb drivers and how to backup the OS of the Telpad first. I hope you can give me any details if this is even possible.

        Thank you.

        • PinoyDROID

          I have no unit of PLDT Telpad so I cannot attest if rooting will work or its bootloader lock or not. If you are brave enough try rooting it using the common rooting software and if only drivers are available…:)

    • droidrx

      Hi pinoyDROID,

      Do you know which Atrix radio version works best in the Philippines? I updated mine with Bell Camada’s 2.3 OTA before sending it to my GF in the Philippines but, although she gets HSDPA, her connection seems too slow.


      • PinoyDROID

        Usually how much speed she’s getting?

        In our country, you are happy if you get more than 1MB+…

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