Official Philippine Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Ice Cream Sandwich LP7 update now at Kies

Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich LP7 - Philippine Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich LP7 - Philippine Official Firmware Freanch fry station - french fry

Philippine Samsung Galaxy S II Users rejoice! Samsung rolled out the official Galaxy S2 firmware for the Philippines.  The official firmware build for the Philippines is coded LP7.  If you have an untouch Galaxy S2 you can update via Kies 2.0.

Personally I will stick with the LPQ over this weekend and I need restore my firmware to stock if I want to update via Kies because I use Euro firmware with that my phone and can’t be detected by Kies. I don’t want my hands get dirty this weekend so stick with the first Android ICS build.

So enjoy the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich LP7 build that we’ve been waiting for.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II DXLP7 Firmware - Ice Cream Sandwich

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  • Lhesth03

    May I know where is the Android Beam (NFC) is this update ICS for samsung s2?

    • sangjho

      android beam or nfc is not included in this update since nfc is hardware not software. our s2 here in the Ph does not have nfc chip

  • jimmyj

    thanks for the news, been combing the net almost daily since the earlier fiasco. am upgrading now.

    • Motz0508

      Have you done it successfully???

  • Guest

    has your upgrade been successful? been trying to upgrade my phone since yesterday and it always says firmware update has stopped working. what’s wrong?

  • onim

    Hello thete. I can’t upgrade via kies. My phone is on odk. Dunno what to do. Upgraded my s2 last week manually via odin. Any tips on how would i make kies detect my phone?

  • motz

    Is it not available via FOTA?..haven’t tried using kies yet but been checking the upgrade via OTA but no upfate yet..

  • reodavle

    Grah. This is pure awesome-ness! 
    Anyone already successfully updated? 

    • Patrick

      Sorry for the late reply….

      if you cant download the update via kies because you flash your phone with other firmware just flash it again with the stock firmware.

    • francis820

      yup… smooth as silk parang thai airways lang… lol

  • abi

    never rooted my sgs2 but can’t update it through kies. when it’s preparing to install, a dialog box says firmware update stopped. has anyone successfully updated their phone already? yes or no?

    • Patrick

      Is your Kies updated? also probably during the download, the downloaded file is corrupted. People have no trouble downloading the update via Kies…

      • abi

         my kies is updated. i tried uninstalling and installing it again then downloaded the latest components needed for firmware upgrade. but when it’s already preparing to install, a pop up message box appeared saying “firmware update has stopped working.”

        • Patrick

          just push the firmware manually via odin, you can get the stock firmware from Intratech of XDA

          • abi

             thanks so much for answering my questions, patrick. i found that process too complicated. i’m so afraid to try that. c: maybe i’ll just bring my phone to the repair center. thanks again.

          • Patrick Sarmiento

            OK mate! I broke my S II so many times,heheehe

            As long as you have the Stock Firmware, Bootloader and Kernel you can restore your soft-break phone…

            also, its a good thing to bring it to the experienced technician or service center…

  • sangjho

    i have successfully updated mine. but i have to say i am not that happy since this 4.0 update is masked by touchwiz. almost feels the same old gingerbread with touchwiz. still loves my s2 though

    • abi

      really? i can’t update my phone. been trying since yesterday. it always says firmware update has stopped something. weird. by the way, my computer is running windows 7. i don’t know if it has something to do with that.

      • Motz

        .just updated mine and it’s working good..using win7 also..have you updated your kies to the latest version first?..

        • abi

           yes i have. i still can’t update mine. until now. :(

  • Patrick Sarmiento

    Guys if you can’t update your phone via Kies it is because you have firmware that is not set for the Philippines. 

    Just restore your stock firmware..then do the Kies update or you can download the LP7 firmware manually, I think Intratech from XDA has it…

    • abi

       how do i restore my stock firmware? right now my android version is 2.3.6 build number DXKL3. please teach me. or is it possible to have my firmware updated through the store where i bought my phone?

      • Patrick Sarmiento

        HI Abi, sorry for the late reply, I was searching your post and I replied via Email and probably did not post it here…so here is the guide for you, I hope this will help you somehow..

        Download the official ICS for S II at SamMobile – look for the firmware DXLP7. There are two firmware for our Philippines. One is generic and one is for Globe. Get the Generic one, you would know if it is generic because the other firmware has (GLB) tag on it.

        Once you completed the download, get Odin v1.85, run as Admininistrator, Push the manually downloaded firmware to the PDA Mode of Odin. Here is how.

        1. Boot to Download mode by (Power + Home + Volume Down)
        2. Connect your phone to the USB
        3. Run Odin
        4. Add the firmware to the PDA Section
        5. Hit Start
        6. System will reboot once completed flashing.
        7 Enjoy your tasty upgrade

        ~ PinoyDroid

        • Abi

           Thank you so much, Patrick. c:

        • Jmon143

          thank you for this big help!!!  . Thnks Patrick!

        • Ralph Agir


          I own a SGS2, and I have followed your instructions above on how to flash ICS using Odin to my phone. Unfortunately, I am unable to succeed with the upgrade, an error with “Can’t open the serial(COM) port.” shows in the process message of Odin. 

          I downloaded I900DXLP7 (GLB) for the ICS firmware. 

          My current firmware is Gingerbread 2.3.5, Baseband version I9100XXK14. 

          Please help, you can get to me through my email ralph_agir@@yahoo:disqus .com, or simply reply on this thread. Thanks a lot!


          • francis820

            My suggestion is you have to free up some resources on your PC. This error means that Kies cannot communicate with your phone as other programs/devices are using your COM ports. You can try to close unused applications, especially those on your taskbar and other phone applications (i.e. Nokia Suite, iTunes, etc.) as these also use your available COM ports.

          • Ralph Agir

            Hi, thanks for the reply! Pero upon checking Samsung Kies at Google Chrome lang ang naka open na application in my computer, kapag fina-flash ko yung ICS. Sorry for the trouble man. 

          • Ralph Gamaliel Agir III

            Hi, thanks for the reply! Pero upon checking Samsung Kies at Google Chrome lang ang naka open na application in my computer, kapag fina-flash ko yung ICS. 
            Sorry for the trouble man. Also, my phone is an unlocked phone, meaning I can insert any mobile carriers I wish to and I bought it in Kuwait. Tama ba na (GLB) ang dinownload ko na ICS firmware? Thanks a lot!

          • francis820

             Sir Ralph, what I usually do is close all open programs as well as Odin then open it again. This error usually happens on (out)dated computers where it has limited virtual ports that it can assign to applications. You may may want to consult with a computer technician or search it online, as I’m pretty much sure it’s a common issue.

            On your downloaded firmware, that will work just fine but you may want to change your CSC to a Kuwaiti specific carrier when you get back. A bit of warning though that this erases everything on your phone so backing up is strongly advisable.

          • Ralph Gamaliel Agir III

            Hi Boss, Thanks for your suggestions. Killing kies and other applications helped a lot with the com port error. Also, there is one step missing in the instructions above. I enabled the usb debugging mode in the settings->application->usb debugging. After that, ICS flashed smoothly with odin.


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  • Cesjr_311

    Please help, after updating from the locally seeded ICS update, my “ics browser-stock” does not open. It is broken. Also, Chrome beta, what is regarded now as the best browser, is “not supported in your country”. Some widgets also fail to update. Please help on how to make everything work as intended, especially the browser. Thank you!

    • Patrick Sarmiento

      Can you try wiping your Dalvik Cache? just boot into recovery mode Power + Volume Up + Home

      • Lhek Sison

        patrick wat will hapen if wiping ko ung s2 ko? same case kmi ni Cesjr?plss help me


          the system will rebuild the necessary configuration…

        • vhien

          ako din tas ni-restore ko ung s2 ko gumana nman kaso ang bagal magload pati kumonek sa wifi, parang nka hang ung browse nya???

    • Iansayabo

      i think hindi mo nasunod yung mga step kung paano mag upgrade kung hindi ginawa ung hard reset yang mangyayari kung mayroon pang mga program na installed kasi na installed na program para sa 2.3.6 version tapos ipina flash mo sa 4.0.3 

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  • Ain

    where can I download the LP7 version?  I checked in the samsung site, and it’s not showing up :(

    • / Pinoy Android

      You can download the firmware at SamMobile, just search DXLP7. I got my firmware there to be pushed via Odin since I can’t use that Kies…

    • Patrick Sarmiento

      Hi Ain, You can download the stock firmware at SamMobile just search at DXLP7 code. I downloaded one there and I will update mine if I have the time. I have no issues with LPQ so I will stick with this firmware for the mean time.

      Enjoy your ICS! 

      TIP! Use APEX Launcher

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  • onim

    hi guys, i need some serious help. i successfully updated my phone about a week ago. been enjoying the ICS interface. some bugs i noticed, software update kept on popping at the notification bar but when you try to register your phone, you’ll get a “registration failed” response. “force close” was a constant visitor on some of the apps that you use. but that’s not my issue. earlier today i charged my s2 up to 100%. unplugged it and placed it on my bedside table.took a nap. when i woke up i was surprised that the phone has gotten really hot and it’s off. i panicked. quickly pulled the battery off the unit, let it cool and tried to charge it, no luck.the phone won’t charge and won’t turn on. am not sure if it’s the unit or the battery that caused the rise in the temperature. it’s all black. when i charge it so indication of battery life on the scree. not a flash, not a single beep or whatsoever. one thing i noticed is whenever i insert the battery the phone gets really hot even without plugging the charger. browsed the net since 10pm last night to get answers. still awake so desperate of getting help. please… if you know womething that i can try reply to my post or email me at thanks in advance.

    • onim

      — i meant “no indication of battery life on the screen” and “if you know something” . thanks.

      • / Pinoy Android

        If you can boot to download mode, you might have the chance to flash stock kernel and rom (Gingerbread) so that atleast to know that you don’t have a fried Droid.

    • / Pinoy Android

      I read the same issue at XDA last night and it was suggested that you need to revert back Gingerbread and check if the system is not damage. I suspect that the heavy heating is due to OVERCLOCKED CPU that eats too much energy.

      Did you install overclocking or kernel that can modify cpu clock?

  • Jake32

    pls help! samsung galaxy s2 owner here, i cant seem to update my phone via keis, it always say” this is the latest firmware”

    i have gingerbread 2.3.4 build number XWKI4. thanks a lot, i really want to have that ice cream man!!

    • / Pinoy Android

      you have to wait for te XW build, I think your version is Middle East or Central Europe? If you can wait you can flash your phone using ODIN, just download the DXLP7 from SamMobile.

    • Patrick Sarmiento

      I think the XW firmware is out, if you can’t wait you can go over to Sammobile, download the DXLP7 and flash it via Odin…

      • Petersonchuaco

        i had the same case with jake32, my phone is rooted and it is on XWK14, is there any problem if i download the DXLP7 and flash it via odin? because i think that the firmware should be the same. tnx

        • francis820

           Guys, I believe Kies is checking for a local update for your phone. Since both of you use European firmware, it will not detect one for you. I suggest you flash your phones via Odin instead to upgrade with the DX or XW version, whichever you prefer.

  • Petersonchuaco

    hi! my sgs2 came from singapore and it was rooted there by my friend. im still on 2.3.4 with baseband version of I9100XXKH3 but my CSC is unknown =( im on villainrom. if i do factory reset, can i update it thru kies? please help me, thank you

    • Patrick

      You need to install the stock rom of your phone, you can flash it via Odin.
      Also, you can download the official DXLP7 Firmware from Sammobile and Flash it using Odin.

      • Petersonchuaco

        if i did not flash back the stock rom, can i still update it to ICS using the firmware DXLP7 that i saw at samfirmware? and how can i flash it back to the stock rom? thank you

    • arkin

      flash it back to stock rom.then update via kies.or download via sammobile.different country.dfferent update timeframe i think.

      • Petersonchuaco

        how can i install the stock rom? where can i find it? thank you

  • arren

    Hi. Can you help me? My problem is that when I just installed ICS on my phone using Odin there is a yellow triangle in it and it won’t open anymore. @_@ Please help.

    • Patrick Sarmiento

      You got a softbrick my friend, it seems your installation didn’t work well? did the installation got a green PASS from Odin?

      Also I need to know your firmware version. stock or custom ROM?

      Will wait for your answer..:)

  • Carlo

    Hi I cant upgrade my Samsung s2 Via Kies.
    here are my phone details:
    Android Version: 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: I9100DXKF1
    Kernel Version: root@DELL106:disqus  #2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKF1
    Help would be greatly appreciated

    • Patrick

      I am not sure if the official firmware ICS XW is available already, just track your firmware at SamMobile. They have all the stock firmware. You can download it and flash it manually using Odin.


  • Fernandez Nadz

    i’m trying to update my s2
    baseband version: I9100XXKI1
    kernel version: #2
    build number: Gingerbread.XWKI4
    i can’t update it also to version 2.3.5, no update available was popping up.
    I think something’s wrong with my phone.
    Can you please help me? I want to have an ICS.

  • Fernandez Nadz

    i’m trying to update my s2
    baseband version: I9100XXKI1
    kernel version: #2
    build number: Gingerbread.XWKI4
    i can’t update it also to version 2.3.5, no update available was popping up.
    I think something’s wrong with my phone.
    Can you please help me? I want to have an ICS.

  • belar

    guys i need help. after flashing my phone via odin 3 weeks ago, my phone got broken. a week after the ics upgrade, my phone turned off and won’t turn on anymore and won’t even charge. i brought it to samsung center and was told that the problem was the “maib board.” it will cost me P10,600 to have it repaired. I’m willing to spend that amount of money but is till looking for some other options. If you know some technician who can help me fix my unit at a lower cost, please email me at thanks!

    • francis820

      Hmmm… what about warranty?

  • buboy padua

    Do you guys have any problems backing-up your SGS2 due to some error? I tried re-installing KIES but the error still occurs 

    • francis820

       What’s the error message?

      • buboy padua

        “Data backup cannot proceed because of an unexpected error….”

        • francis820

           Is your phone rooted? ‘Cause if so, you’ll need to unroot it first before backing it up.

          • buboy padua

            No it’s not

  • maldito ko

    hey i dont want to root my s2 phone and ive been waiting for the ICS, since you mentioned here that there two, the generic and the globe. would it be alright if i buy a globe sim and update my s2 thru kies? do you think it will work? im a smart subscriber kasi. My current firmware version kasi ay PDA:KL3/PHONE:KL1/CSC:KL2 (SIN).

    the phone was bought from singapore.

    please help..

    • francis820

       You may wanna change your CSC first to XTE which is the Philippine generic then try and see if you can update it. I warn you though that changing CSC will reset the phone back to factory settings.

      Then again you have the option to download the firmware either through XDA or SamMobile then flash it with Odin.

  • Librado

    i was able to update from 2.3.4 to 4.0.3 XWLP7 OTA yesterday. Everything works fine except for the Software Update (set up software update) message that is always in my notification tab. I tried to register and approved the license agreement a couple of times but only getting registration failed. How can i fix this? Or is there a fix? Please help…Thanks!

    • Patrick

      use your gmail account that you once used during gingerbread days

      Sent from: Samsung Galaxy S2
      Official Gmail App for Android

      • Librado

         What do you mean by use my gmail account? And one more thing, I can connect and detect wifi signals but cannot connect to any network. It will only show no connection/retry…

        Android version: 4.0.3
        Baseband version: I9100XXLPS
        Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XWLP7-CL340913dpi@DELL134 #3

        • francis820

          One thing I noticed is that unlike the Gingerbread firmwares, that Software Update is region-specific. I tried to use an Open Europe and Indonesian ICS before and I encountered the same problem. It wasn’t until I change CSC to GLB (since I use Globe) was I able to get rid of that (annoying) notification.

          As an alternative, you may want to turn off that feature in Settings and just update it manually in Odin when there’s a new firmware out there or another version that you may want to try in the future.

  • Albert Agustin

    hi. my s2 cannot be detected by kies. im using checkrom v6 hD. i wonder how will i upgrade to ICS officially. thanks. i was not the one who rooted the phone and installed the ROM.

    • francis820

       You gonna have to flash this with an official firmware (I think it was i9100DXKL3) for Kies to detect the new firmware for your phone. Or you can skip the chase and download version LP7 and flash it yourself using Odin. You can then download and install CF Root for LP7 (I prefer the LP8) to root it again.

  • Lhek Sison

    can you plss help me..i update my samsung galaxy s2 into firmware ics i cant use any web browser..plss help me

    • francis820

      If you notice, upgrading to ICS doesn’t delete your apps and data on the phone. Perhaps it’s high time to do that. Also, deleting your cache and Dalvik cache may help before resorting to resetting back to factory settings.

  • Tj_ayson

    Hi! I’ve upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 and now I am getting the wifi problem the rest of the world has: 

    Any help from the Philippine end?

  • Ignacio_delosreyes

    Hi Sir and Mam Please Help me naman kung Anu mas ok na Phone Samsung SII or Sony Ericson ARC S, Nahihirapan kasi ako pumili, Anu  Kaya ang much better Thanks Need your Advice thank you! – Jay

  • Ralph Agir

    Hi Guys! I have flashed ICS already on my phone, and enjoying it for a month now. Napansin ko lang, nawala yung voice command before, na lumalabas sa long press ng home keys. Ang naiwan nalang yung voice command with the blue logo and the voice talk with the green logo. Nandito pa kaya sa phone yung voice command before, or tinanggal na siya sa ICS? Thanks!

  • francis820

     Last time I checked it’s still there, pero kasi the long press on the home button now brings up the Task Manager instead of the voice app. Not sure pero the one with the blue logo is the part of the app that you’re looking for. Not sure how to set it again though as I’m using a custom ROM and ibang voice app na ang gamit ko.

    As an alternative, you may want to try SpeakToIt Assistant from the Play Store, it’s way more intelligent than the stock app. =)

  • Michaelnocum

    hi s2 users.

  • Inggolibuit_17

    sir, help me about my phone
    because my fone is not officialy ICS

    • Inggolibuit_17

      pls comment asap
      my phone is galaxy s2
      i install the wrong ICS and i want to recover it

      • Unwired


        What Do do you mean wrong ICS?

        The best solution is to flash stock OS either Gingerbread or ICS via Odin. You can get
        Stock ROM at Sammobile

  • Holyknight11_1

    hi mga sir tanung lang po kc nag update ako thru software update kso na brick ung s2 ko kc mali pagkaroot tpos po nag flash ako ng custom rom naging oks na xa kaso after wla na sa about phone ung software update to ics panu po kya ibalik un help pls TIA 

    • Patrick

      Hi Holyknight

      You can’t update your phone via Kies if you are rooted. Kies cant detect your phone.

      When you use custom ROM updating the OS is done manually. If you want to use Kies or Stock Samsung OS flash it manually via Odin. You can get stock ROM from SamMobile database.

  • Luisa

    Hello everyone! my s2 android version is 2.3.3,i can’t update, can anyone pls tell me what to do??? 

    • / Pinoy Android

      Hi Lisa,

      Can you give me the Android build? Settings > About Phone e.g I9100DXLP7.

      I am pretty sure that all update is available especially the Ice Cream Sandwich.

      If you download Kies you can check via OTA unless you are rooted?

      Another best way is to download a stock firmware via Sammobile firmware –
      Look for DXLP7 – Indonesia, that is the generic one and our Philippine firmware are customized to per carrier unless you like to use either Globe, Smart or Sun build. Though I suggest the Indonesia version.
      After download you can flash it via Odin flash tool (google and youtube it for tutorials). :)

  • Ralph_agir

    Hi guys! Nabasa ko accodentally yung s2 ko. Sabi sa service center sa sm north hindi na raw kaya ayusin, kasi may corossion na. Dapat palit pyesa na board and lcd. May kakilala ba kayo na kaya gumawa ng phone ko yung hindi na kailangan palitan ang pyesa? Salamat mga boss!


      Try to canvass in some cellshop/repairshop. 

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