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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Overview and Specs

MWC 2014 Barcelona Spain – This is the time of the year where all Mobile manufacturers showcase their yearly flagships. For Samsung their Galaxy S5 has been anticipated that we’ve been reading leaks left and right. What’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S5? What are the upgrades they added and other features that you might

Samsung reports 40 million Galaxy S4 units sold

Samsung main man JK Shin proudly said that their latest flagship Smartphone, the Galaxy S4 has sold 40 million units since it was announced earlier this year. This, according to Shin is a followup on the report that 20 million S4′s were sold in just two months prior to its release. Samsung’s CEO also noted

Galaxy Gear compatibility rolling out starting with S4, S3, Note II

The Galaxy Gear can be a hard sell considering that after its launch, it only supported the Galaxy Note III. Those, on the other hand who doesn’t want to ditch their already perky handsets and/or doesn’t have that much cash for the Note III AND wants to own the Smart watch will be completely left

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor: still with plastic and leather a la Galaxy Note 3

I guess everything about the Galaxy S5′s previous rumors are starting to fade right before our every eyes. In the past few weeks, every Android geek in the world was almost as excited as I was when buzzes around Samsung next flagship Smartphone, the S5 started to tingle with its leaked specs and hardware ingredients.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT (I9505) – Android 4.3 leak, stable and how to

Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) LTE is coming very soon but if you can’t wait and brave enough there is a latest leak Android 4.3 for Galaxy s4 with build date of October 8 (I9505XXUEMJ3_I9505OLBEMJ2_OLB). The good guys from tested the leak and it has some minor changes from the first leak

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 encased in aluminum, will be dust and waterproof, too

I think it’s time to tone down on the Nexus 5. I’m a fan, no doubt about it. But with all the leaks and the supposed specs that has been pushed on our faces for the last month, I do realize that the Smartphone universe is as wide as the galaxy that we live in.

Samsung Galaxy Round with curved OLED out!

Aside from the Nexus 5 hype, curved screens are the next big thing to tickle our Smartphone taste buds. Companies like Samsung and LG are one the forefront in this category, and each have their own idea on how to incorporate a somewhat flexible LCD screen to a device and that it will not look

Samsung S3, S4 to get Jellybean 4.3; Mega lineup scheduled in November, early December

SamMobile brings forth good news for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners as the Korean powerhouse flagship Smartphone is scheduled for an firmware upgrade this month. That’s right, folks; the Galaxy S4, according to the generous news giver is slated for an upgrade as well as its predecessors. By this, Android Jellybean will go up one notch

Samsung Galaxy S5 to go with OIS camera; will say goodbye to plastic body, says rumor

Samsung plans to install the S5 with an “Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) camera that, according to them will produce quality photos that those captured by digitally enhanced clickers. The OIS technology is currently being used by Nokia on their PureView devices as well as HTC’s “Ultrapixel” technology. The advantages of having an OIS camera technology

[Video]Samsung Note 3 demo

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 many die hard Galaxy Note user asked “Where is our upgrade?” so after 5 months of waiting Samsung announced the 2013 upgrade of the venerable Galaxy Note 3  in IFA Berlin along with their new product the Samsung Galaxy Smart gear which is a smartwatch per say. Many