HTC is considering buying WebOS

 HTC is considering buying WebOSHigh Tech Computers or HTC recently eying on its own operating system and considering buying a mobile operating system according to Chairwoman Wang. The company has a plan but currently they are not in a rush to acquire. The said operating is the WebOS by HP.

Hewlett Packard (HP) announced last August 18, that they will concentrate more on PC and plans to stop producing TouchPad – their own Tablet. The TouchPad is powered by HP’s WebOS and both HTC and Samsung are planning to acquire new operating system.

This plan acquisition is driven by Google’s own acquisition of Motorola Mobility. HTC and Samsung are the top Android vendor and quite worried (IMHO) about Google’s future plan for Android. Soon Google is very capable of building its own Android phone where today the Google Nexus is produced by Samsung.

While Samsung has its own mobile operating system the ‘Bada OS’ however their money maker are Android powered devices and HTC are using both Android and Windows operating system in their own smartphones and tablets. If HTC will have its own OS it can expand further and become independent in developing their own devices.

HTC’s Cher Wang:
“We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse.”

HTC is still in support for Google’s acquisition of the Motorola mobility by saying it is a “correct” decision because MMI owns significant patents that can help strengthen Android since patent lawsuits are left and right.