[Rumor]Galaxy S III leak photo

It seems that the Galaxy S III real face has been revealed. Following at Reddit, a user posted the leak picture of the alleged Galaxy S III from his friend working in Samsung. The device is 4.7″ inches in display at 720p resolution. It has no physical buttons.  The S III if indeed real will look like the hybrid of Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus.

Reported also that this phone will having two launchers built-in, the Samsung Touch Wiz UI and the ever loved stock ICS launcher. The current version 4 of Touch Wiz UI received negative feedbacks because Samsung still uses it in their Galaxy S II ICS update.

There’s been heating debate over Reddit if this is just photoshopped because the picture is blurry. The rumored final look of the Galaxy S III is just gorgeous. So what do you think this alleged Galaxy S III?

Samsung Galaxy S III [Rumor]Galaxy S III leak photo

Rumored picture of Galaxy S III leaked by Samsung Employee

Via: Android Police