Google to unveil its music service tomorrow at the I/O 2011?

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Google IOGoogle I/O is a major event that has full of surprises, according to the Wall Street Journal sources Google is preparing to unveil their music service. Like Amazon Inc., cloud service, Google music service enables users or owner to upload their music file and stream it over supported devices and what else is that device? Android of course!

Although Google does not have the license yet from the four major record companies. Expert says that it no longer need a license because the device will just stream the music and it does not have the capability to download his/her upload files over the internet. This is called as “passive” locker.

This Google service might be free of charge and only supported by ads, as what the big ‘G’ keep on doing since it started.

Tomorrow is the I/O, so lets see what Google prepared for us. So stay tuned!

Source: WSJ



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