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Android.Counterclank – Another Android Malware

Symantic published the latest list of apps infected by the Android.Counterclank trojan. This trojan can receive commands and can steal information. When an infected app is installed, a malicious service is running with the same name of that of its host app. It is located at the  ’apperhand’ package and another way to know if you are

Adobe Flash Player 11 update now supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Just in time for the holidays and the release of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, Adobe released the update for Adobe Flash Player 11 for Android. The new update is long waited by Samsung Galaxy Nexus (the only smartphone to date that runs Android 4.0) users because this update will include support for Android

Grand Theft Auto 3 is now on Android

Rocktar in its 10th year anniversary released the Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android and iOS.  The Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android features stunning HD graphics and game play optimized for touch screen devices. Like its PC brethren the GTA 3 for Android is set in an open world environment and with new set of

Top 10 Android apps of all time – Facebook is number one

In a new Nielsen survey ‘Popular Android apps’ Facebook for Android hit the number one spot.  Facebook for Android is the number one app across all age group in terms of number of downloads and frequently used app  excluding Android Market app then followed by Gmail, Google Map, Google Search, and Youtube. This apps are Google

OnLive App for Android – Play Console Games on Demand

OnLive, the cloud gaming service that allows anyone with a decent broadband connection (ideally 5 Mbits / second, minimum 2 Mbits / second) to play the latest games, even if they only have an old computer, is coming to smartphones. OnLive was welcomed by gamers when it released for PC (and TV) in September 2011,

Infographic of the Android Market Evolution

Android market started its humble beginning with around 500 apps. Since its opening in 2008 it grew to the extent that it will mostly likely to over take iOS app downloads at the end of this year. The number of download will be around 8.1 billion compared to around 6-Billion for the iOS. The success

Quick Office Pro – Amazon free download

Amazon Free App of the Day is a place where to get Android premium apps for free. Today Amazon offers the Quickoffice for free. The normal price for this app is $14.99 so if you are looking for a good Office app go over to Amazon and get your QuickOffice for free. Note: This will

Angry Birds Seasons: Ham’o'ween! – introduce a new Angry bird

Early for the Halloween but not for Rovio. The game developer behind Angry birds just released Angry Birds Season Ham’O’Ween with 30 level game. There’s a new Angry bird introduced in this release. No name given to this bird yet. It just that it can blow up several times his size. Angry Birds Seasons: Ham’o'ween!It was a dark and

Bluestacks App Player – run Android apps on your PC

What if you want to run your Android apps to your Windows PC? It is possible now with Bluestacks App Player. Currently in alpha stage, the App player runs Android application to Windows based computer, or tablet with out any modification. Bluestack App player comes with 10 apps pre installed and you can  add up

Alien Dalvik 2.0 allows Android apps to run in Apple iOS

Dalvik is a virtual process machine (VM) inside Android operating system. This VM is responsible in running Android apps. A company named Myriad created the Alien Dalvik which is literally the same as Dalvik in Android but it is being used in non-Android devices. What it does is, it run Android apps to Non-Android devices