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Apple claims A5X graphics is 4x than Tegra 3, where is the proof?

Apple recently launched the “all new iPad” and during the launching Apple emphasized the power of their new A5X chip. Apple showed a chart comparing the A5X and Nvidia Tegra-3. Apple claims that A5X graphics perfomance is 4x faster than Tegra-3 without any benchmark proof or footnote. In response to this claim, Ken Brown, a

Breaking News: Android Market is now Google Play

The Android Market is has been the household name for Android users in the entire universe but Google decided to drop this famous app store brand and introduce a new service.  I must say RIP Android Market. The new brand for Google Android App portal is  called Google Play. Google Android Market has gone through

Google increased allowed app size to 4-Gigabyte

Android apps are getting bigger and bigger so with this increase in the app size, Google increased the size of apps from allowed 50MB to a whooping 4-Gigabyte to be hosted in the Android Market. Android apps like high-quality 3D interactive game with more than 50MB in size are hosted outside the Android Market and developers

HTC Open Sense SDK – includes Beats Audio, Sense 4.0 lockscreen, Mobile Device Management API and soon a HTC MediaLink HD API

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled new APIs that will help developers in creating application that will take full advantages of HTC Technologies and at the same work will with other Android phones. This APIs for Beats Audio, the Sense 4.0 lockscreen, Mobile Device Management API and soon a HTC MediaLink HD API. This means

CyanogenMod installed in more than 1 million devices

Like any other open-source project the community is always behind in the success of the project. Android community is a big and strong. Koushik “Koush” Dutta one of the member of the Cyanogenmod team and developer of the Clockworkmod Recovery and Clockworkmod Tether announced that the world’s number after market Cyanogenmod firmware has been installed

[LeWeb]Eric Schmidt – Android is ahead of the iPhone now!

Paris, France – Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking at the LeWeb conference bluntly said that “Android is ahead of the iPhone now,“. The conference room is filled with iPhone, iPad and Mac and became silent with skepticism. He think is winning in terms of volume sales, number of vendors that selling Android powered smartphones and

Infographic History of Android

The Android operating system history started in the oven of Palo Alto, California with main man Andy Rubin now the VP of Google Mobile along with Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. In 2005 Google acquired Android Inc., and in the year 2008 the first bake of Android came out, the Android 1.0 powering

Alien Dalvik 2.0 allows Android apps to run in Apple iOS

Dalvik is a virtual process machine (VM) inside Android operating system. This VM is responsible in running Android apps. A company named Myriad created the Alien Dalvik which is literally the same as Dalvik in Android but it is being used in non-Android devices. What it does is, it run Android apps to Non-Android devices

12 Stunning Android Icons Pack – for free download

If you are looking for icons for  your apps, themes or websites Paul of Tehkseven created this 12 stunning Android icons pack. The 12 packs are free for download and can be used for commercial or personal use provided you will give credit to the creator. With cool designs and up to 4,400 icons can

HTC Desire S ROM leaked

HTC Sage (Desire S) is the upcoming addition to HTC Desire family and will be release  next month but Paul O’Brien of Modaco was able to acquire the Desire S ROM and he’s sharing it to the world! This is a good news for developers and modders, sooner or later we will see custom ROM