Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II with DXKL3 firmware

Each time an OEM like Samsung update their firmware some methods of rooting will not work. An example of this is the DoomLord – Easy Rooting Method. In this method I was able to root the Galaxy S 2 I9100 with DXKI2 firmware with one click but this method won’t work with the latest firmwares like the Android 2.3.6 DKL3.

The good news is that ChainFire, the GodFather of Samsung Galaxy S II rooting released a modified DXKL3 kernel. This kernel is already rooted and you have to do is push it via Odin. This method is for ‘rooting beginners‘ and if you just follow the instruction you will have a rooted device in few seconds.

Warning: Perform at your own risk, rooting could possibly brick your device and void your

Prerequisite before rooting are as follows: 

  • Back up your entire system this includes Contact, SMS, Call Logs, Apps, Music, Pictures etc.  You can follow some back up procedure and tools, Here:
  • Check your firmware: Settings > About Phone > Kernel Version e.g (DX is the country code)

Rooting Requirements:

  • Download Odin: Here
  • Download Chain Fire Kernel DXKL3: Here
  • Samsung USB Driver Here:  Here
  • Samsung USB Cable and your computer (Windows)
  • Read Chain Fire instruction: Here

If you have not installed USB driver for your device just downkoad the driver (link above) and install it.

  1. uninstall previous drivers (control panel or device manager)
  2. reboot
  3. install new drivers
  4. reboot!!
  5. plug in your device and have fun!

Let the rooting begin:

  1. Enable USB Debugging: Settings > Application Settings > Development > USB Debugging (checked)
  2. Set your Phone to Download Mode: Power Off > Turn on by ‘Power + Volume Down + Home Key’
  3. Run Odin as AdminstratorRooting Samsung Galaxy S II Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II with DXKL3 firmware
  4. Make sure that Auto-Reboot, F. Reset Time is checked
  5. Push your download Chain Fire Kernel to PDA
  6. Hit – Start
  7. Make sure you have Green Pass.

Rooting Galaxy S 2 DXKL3 Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II with DXKL3 firmware
This rooting method is also applicable to other Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus. Just download the necessary CF-Kernel.

How would I know that I have rooted phone? Basically you can install root required apps like CWM.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 rooted using cf root dxkl3 Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II with DXKL3 firmware

Update: The latest Samsung bootloader does not allow USB Jig Reset, so you will have the yellow triangle thing and counter turn on  after you push the kernel.

Right after the break: Installing old bootloader for Galaxy S II – USB Jig Binary Reset Counter fix and remove triangle warning sign.


  • Maran662

    Now i am stuck with the us jig my counter is still in 1 my firmware is 2.3.6

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  • Reyesphilip

    any guides 2 unroot

    • http://localhost:8888 Patrick

      flash your kernel with stock kernel…

      • Dominic

        Noob question lang po. Ive read Chainfire’s rooting guide for SGS2 on XDA and an optional guide with regards to removing the triangle warning involves flashing again the stock kernel. It says by doing so, it will remove the warning yet it will retain the SuperUser (root permissions). So how different is the process of UNrooting from the process removing the triangle warning as both involves flashing the stock kernel? :- Thanks for the guide though ;)

        • Patrick

          I am bit confused because if you flash it with stock kernel, you will not retain your root access because it is “stock/unmodified”. ChainFire’s kernel is prerooted already.

        • Patrick

          P.S ChainFire created an app called “Triangle Away” you can install it if you have a rooted device. Also you can buy USB Jig for 150 pesos. Right now, newer bootloader of Samsung starting from Android 2.3.6 won’t allow usb jig reset but you can install the older bootloader (see my rooting tutorials there is a link for older bootloader).

          • francis820

             I only got it for 83 pesos at the Play Store… Must be the peso appreciation. There’s a free version in the XDA forum but CF said if he can get credits for a bottle of beer then better. Honestly speaking, he deserves that beer ’cause that app works perfectly.

  • Hydrajordan

    did this method ever fail so far with s2 dxkl3 firmware

  • Afiq866

    thanks man . follow your instruction here and no failed . soryy for bad eng .lol . thanks alot.