Thief stole truck full of LG G2, caught in Kentucky

A news broke out last week that some douche stole a truck full of LG G2 Smartphones that was reportedly headed for Sprint in Gary, Indiana. The guy, now apprehended was caught in Louisville, Kentucky along with the truck he robbed.

The criminal, Juan Perez-Gonzales was caught by the Kentucky State Police after he drove the 18-wheeler truck to a telephone pole. Bizarre as it may sound, the cargo was still in the truck and as per the report, still contained most or all of Smartphones – some $12 million in all.

nexusae0 badboysbadboys thumb Thief stole truck full of LG G2, caught in Kentucky

It is also possible that Perez-Gonzales was not alone when he car napped the truck, but investigators revealed that they haven’t been successful in locating Perez-Gonzales’ accomplices.

He is now facing theft raps with a dash of receiving stolen property and leaving the scene of an accident. The cargo will, in time be returned to its proper owner but will first be used as evidence.

Via: AndroidPolice