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android market Know your Android
How well do you really know your Android device?

It’s not just the handset or the storage or the megapixel of your camera that’s important to your Smartphone, but take into consideration that little green guy that’s powering your device. Android has been, among other things dominating the Smartphone industry due to the fact that it revolves around an open source code so it can “allow the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers”. That’ll explain the constant update Google is making to your device that in turn gives you one of the best devices out in the market in terms of performance and user friendliness.

Here now are some Android facts that you might want to take a look at:

1. Android in Linux based and was designed primarily for touchscreen devices.

2. Before Google bought Android in 2005, it served as the financier of Android, Inc. and was unveiled back in 2007.

3. HTC Dream was the first Android device out in the market. It ran Android 1.0 and wad “upgradable to v. 1.6″.

4. Google outs and upgrade every six to nine months, mostly over the air (OTA).


Version               Name                             Date released

1.5                         Cupcake                        April 30, 2009

1.6                         Donut                            September 15, 2009

2.0-2.1                Eclair                             October 26, 2009

2.2                        Froyo                             May 20, 2010

2.3-2.3.2           Gingerbread                 December 6, 2010

2.3.3-2.3.7       Gingerbread                 February 9, 2011

3.1                        Honeycomb                 May 10, 2011

3.2                        Honeycomb                 July 15, 2011

4.0.3-4.0.4       Ice Cream Sandwich    December 16, 2011

4.1.x                     Jellybean                      July 9, 2012

4.2.x                     Jellybean                      November 13, 2012

4.3                         Jellybean                      July 24, 2013

4.4                         KitKat                             TBA

5. According to a shipment study in 2012, Android dominated the market with 70.1% of its devices shipped worldwide. It was followed by iOS with 21% and “others” with 8.9%.

6. Android’s logo was derived from an Atari game titled Gauntlet: The Third Encounter.

7. There are currently 430,000 apps available on Google Play. Developers out some 20,000 new applications each month.

8. Most Android users spend their time reading their emails and playing games.

9. Android 2.2 (Froyo) is named after Frozen Yogurt.

10. The first Galaxy Tab was launched in 2010. It ran on Android 2.2. Samsung then announced a 10-inch slab running on Honeycomb in 2011.

11. Around 8% of iPhone users switch to Android

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