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Tresorit – Encrypted cloud storage

Cloud-Storage is great but the question is it is secure? There are many cloud-storage to date like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive and among others. All claiming that they are secure but in reality in computing there is no real hack-proof system. One way or another there are weaknesses that is lying and waiting

CyanogenMod Installer App – installing CM ROM with no sweat!

The old days of installing custom ROM on Android involves manual unlocking of the bootloader if its locked and rooting via flashing insecure kernel. Now, custom ROM like from CyanogenMod is just one app download away. CyanogenMod just released their CM installer at PlayStore along with a desktop client. The desktop client is only available

Plants VS Zombie 2, Dead Trigger 2 up for Android grabs!

Finally, EA’s sequel to the amazingly popular casual defense game and Mad Fingers’ highly anticipated FPS is now available for download via Google Play! Plants VS Zombies 2 is now up for Android after some two months of waiting and/or playing it over the iOS back in August. EA’s popular defense game that pits plants

BBM for Android officially released

The long wait is over! BBM for Android is officially released. The Blackberry App was delayed by a month because of the leaked app that caused Blackberry  network congestion. To date  around 18K+ downloads and the feedback at Google Play is very positive. Currently the Backberry Messenger network is almost full that the system will

Plants vs. Zombies 2 up for Google Play download “very soon”

I know EA prioritized the iOS when they rolled out Plants vs. Zombies 2 but as we all say, “late is better than never” simply hits the spot right here. “Very soon” is all that we got when it comes to the sequel of the addictive defense game, but at least we will have our

Quickoffice for Android now free; to add 10GB of Google Drive space for a download

If you’re one of those on-the-go peeps like me and tends to work with the Smartphones and tablets, Google’s got some good news. Quickoffice, Microsoft’s rendition of their already too familiar and easy to use word and document processing tool is now for free via Android’s Play Store and the iOS’ App Store. I’m sure

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger 2 to roll out October 23

Who doesn’t love zombies? I’m pretty much sure that all of us have this absurd dream of living in a world infested with the Undead. But sensing that this would likely to happen (unless some chemical leaks out somewhere and turn us all into flesh eating SOBs), we’d like you to consider playing Dead Trigger

Google Drive is now available – get 5GB free storage, available for PC, Mac, and Android

Google Drive is up! Google launched their latest cloud service called Google Drive. Google Drive is your cloud storage, you can put any file format on it for safe keeping. You can create, share, collaborate with your friends or colleagues with its Google Document integration. Google Drive users will get a 5GB storage for free

The Success of Instagram

Instagram is today’s talk of town both on iOS on Android platform. After being successful on iOS platform this photo-sharing app garnered over 30-million active users and recently it was released on Android.  Another milestone of Instagram was on Monday when they announced that Facebook will acquire the company with the whooping price of $1-billion

Instagram for Android hit 1 plus million downloads in just 24-hours after its release

Last night when I checked Google Play Store there were only 3 downloads of the newly released Instagram for Android and after 24-hours, it set the record of 1 to 5 million plus downloads. According to Kevin Systrom, over 2,000 Android users were signing up for new accounts every single minute. This one of the most awaited and