CyanogenMOD 7 Final – supports 30 devices

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CyanogenMod 7 Final – the world’s number 1 third party custom Android 2.3 ROM has been launched. The CM7 will be the replacement to the CM6 which is a Android Froyo based.  For the past 4 months of sleepless nights, the davs able supports over 30 devices both phones and tablets. cyanogenmod logo

The download mirror is up, so go check it out at CM 7 stable downlaod page. It is also recommened to download the CM7 Google Apps package (gapps). The gapps package contains Google apps, such as the Market, Maps, and Gmail. It needs to be installed after CM itself due to licensing issues.

They also released the changelog which gives you the details of the changes being made. They only include major issues and bug fixes were listed not to mention hundreds of minor bugs that has been fixed.

Credits to the community who build Cyanogenmod to the following devices, with out them there will no CM to your favorite Android Phones.

  • Nexus One: Cyanogen
  • Nexus S: Koush
  • Droid: cvpcs, mtwebster, Koush
  • Dream/Sapphire: Sileht, Wes Garner, Cyanogen
  • Hero: Lox (GSM), Darchstar (CDMA)
  • Desire (GSM/CDMA): Kali-, Defer
  • Incredible: jistone, slayher, Koush
  • Supersonic (EVO): Cyanogen, toastcfh
  • Espresso (Slide): Cyanogen, Wes Garner
  • Liberty (Aria): attn1, jznomoney
  • Legend: Alexander Hofbauer
  • Vision (G2/Desire Z): Cyanogen
  • Geeksphone ONE: arcee
  • Geeksphone ZERO: arcee
  • Z71 (Boston, G1305, XT502, A60, Blaze, others): arcee
  • Wildfire: Jacob Crawley, Arne Coucheron
  • NVidia Harmony: bekit
  • Ace (Desire HD): Kali-
  • Glacier (MT4G): Zinx, Kmobs
  • Click (Tattoo): KalimochoAz
  • Blade (San Francisco, Sapo A5, others): Tom Giordano and Jacob Crawley
  • Encore (Nook Color): dalingrin, cvpcs, nemith, cicada, fattire
  • Speedy: toastcfh


Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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