HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha – the social network phones

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Mobile World Congress 2011 – HTC officially announced two new phones and the first ever social phones namely the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha. This phones have dedicated Facebook button that enables you to check-in, share phones, upload phones, update status, share web links even share music  you are listening to. The social network is integrated into Sense UI.

HTC Salsa - HTC Chacha - Facebook Phone

HTC Salsa - HTC Chacha

HTC Salsa is a full touchscreen phone. The system specifications are 3.4-inch display, 600Mhz processor, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS and WiFi. The Android installed is Android 2.3.3 or in the future release it would be Android 2.4. On the other hand HTC Chacha is a 4 line QWERTY phone with 2.6-inch display, Android 2.3.3. 5MP Pixel camera, WiFi, USB 2.0,  and it only weighs around 120g. So far no pricing has been announced yet.

Although the phones have facebook buttons, it will not be offically called as “Facebook phone” according to Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC North America in Bellevue. Facebook’s mobile chief  Henri Moissinac added ”HTC has brought Facebook to these two new devices in an innovative way enabling people to connect and share easily whenever they want, wherever they are.” As was rumored, Facebook and HTC worked together bring these handsets to fruition, but the social network did take part in the building of the handset.

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