Samsung Galaxy S II – it is really thin!

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Samsung Galaxy S II is currently the thinnest smartphone in the market and it is a Superphone! Powered by a dual-core processor to give an astonishing speed. After the MWC2011 preview Samsung is not stopping yet. They just released some new ads for the Galaxy SII, showing how thin it is. According to some news I gathered the 8.49mm is not the standard width of the phone because it will may differ per carrier or country it will be sold.

The expected price for the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 in the Philippines is around Php32,000 but no info yet for the release date. Personally I am waiting for this because this will be my ultimate Android upgrade…

If you want to see what’s under the hood, check this detailed Galaxy S II Specification.
galaxy s II thin

Vide Source: Samsung via Engadget

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