Samsung Galaxy S 2 – will be available to 120 countries in 140 carriers

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Samsung is probably the most aggressive mobile company in launching their product. Since the  Mobile World Congress 2011 the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the eye catcher in all the trade fair and now Samsung is preparing for the big launch of the Galaxy S-2 in Samsung’s motherland, South Korea.Samsung Galaxy SII

Samsung is investing in ads, expos and events showcasing their product and it is very effective . And personally I find Samsung to be the most active in launching their product compared to other vendor.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the latest flagship of Samsung, powered by a dual core processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this phone is one of the fasted to date. Another feature I like is the new TouchWiz UI 4.0. The screen is a 4.27-inch @ 800×480 SUPER AMOLED PLUS – the worlds most vivid display. The camera is an 8-Megapixel capable of 1080p video recording and can transmit HD video wirelessly.

But the biggest news is not the phones best feature. Samsung announced that the Galaxy S – 2 will be available in 120 countries in 140 carriers. A Samsung Android invasion, isn’t it?

Currently pre-order and limited unit sales in UK, this phone is also expected to arrive here in the Philippines, if not this quarter by 3rd quarter, around August of this year.

So, if you are planning for a new Android upgrade wait a little bit. This phone is pure goodness!

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