Sony Ericsson X10 will update to Froyo?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the top Android Phone in terms of hardware performance however the drawback of X10 is its old Android OS. The out of the box OS is Android 1.6 “Cupcake”. Last Sunday I went to the mall just to confirm if the X10 is still in version 1.6 and it is.

Sony Experia X10

With Sony Ericsson’s delayed update to Android 2.1 “Éclair” the buyer are anxious if buying X10 is worth their money.

The device’s capability is still determined by its OS even how powerful the hardware is if the OS is still the old version 1.6 you will not get most out of your X10.

If you own an X10 there is still a ray of hope. There is an email from Turkish customer representative revealing that there would Android 2.2 “Froyo” for Sony Ericsson’s X10. However this was not verified by SE if they will update to Froyo since the last update for this device is Android 2.1 “Eclair”. Even Froyo is not the latest Android at least the Froyo’s features are far more advanced than 1.6.

Cross your finger X10 users!

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