Mobile Processor Benchmarks – OMAP, Tegra 2, A4s and others

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It’s been a question for smartphone enthusiats for which is better and now AnandTech revieled it all. The mobile CPU benchmark subjects are the following dual-core powered devices TI OMAP 4430 powered LG Optimus 3D, Tegra 2 powered Optimus 2x, and Exynos 42 powered Samsung Galaxy S II and high end solo-core devices such as iPhone 3Gs and A4’s on iPhone 4, Hummingbird on Nexus S, and Snapdragon powered devices. Aside from iPhone, Blackberry and Win7 smartphones were also tested along with many Android devices.





In series of test they conducted to all 27 smartphone powered by various leading processors both single and dual-cores; the great performers are the Texas Instrument’s OMAP 4430 and followed by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 powered devices.

Source: [Anandtech via AndroidPolice]

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