Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories – peripherals

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  is coming this June 8, 2011 and Samsung Germany is showing us the Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories and peripherals. The only peripheral that comes with Galaxy Tab package is the USB connection kit and the rest are sold separately.
galaxy tab 10.1 accessories

One of the most expensive accessories are the Bluetooth keyboard and headset worth 150Euros each, personally what is the use of a keyboard? You bought a touchscreen device right?

The 30pin – HDMI connector is  use for viewing video connected to HDMI input of large monitor.The Galaxy Tab 10.1 lacks standard connectors and Samsung is using  their own proprietary connectors to have more money.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories and peripherals

  • Cases -    €70
  • Soft Bag – €30
  • Bluetooth Keyboard – €150
  • Bluetooth Headset – €50
  • Keyboard dock – €80 Euros
  • Desktop docking stations – €35
  • 30 pin – HDMI connector €30
  • USB connection kit(included) -€30

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 dockConclusion:
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming this June and with this expensive accessories, personally I will choose ‘none’, although the 30pin-HDMI connector is quite necessary if you want to use external monitor for viewing your HD videos.

Some of the accessories will not be available during the launched  it will be available in July.  This are the official peripheral so the prices is quite expensive and for sure there will be third-party vendors for this and in a low price.

via: Android Police

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