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The Samsung Galaxy Music player

Watch out iPod Touch! Samsung has announced a new music player based on Android. The Galaxy Player will be showcased next week at the CES 2011  in Barcelona Spain. The new music player is inspired from the Galaxy S line of Phone. The only difference of this device to the Galaxy Phone is the lack [...]

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Motorola Tablet is named XOOM

Few weeks back Andy Rubin of Google Android showed the world the latest prototype of Motorola Tablet during his Dive Into Mobile demo in San Franciso running his upcoming Android Honeycomb. Now, the Droid Motorola  Tablet is officially named as Motorola Xoom. The Xoom is the first Tablet to have no hard buttons, Android 2.4 [...]

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Nokia N900 running on Android Gingerbread

Accoring to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Android will not work in his device but the guys from NITDroid proved him wrong. This is the latest hack to run Android on Non Android phones. The NITDroid team successfully ported the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread over to Nokia’s flag ship device the N900. Alexy Roslyakov aka Drunkdebugger [...]

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Google won the trademark case

Google and the 46 members of Open Handset Alliance connected to Android finally won the legal battle over the Android Trademark. The judge sided with the companies using Google’s OS and dismissed the infrigement suit. The case was filed by Erich Specht  an Illonois entrepreneur. Erich Specht is the man behind Android Data that specializes [...]

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Samsung Galaxy 551 Price and Specs

A new Android powered phone from Samsung is now available here in the Philippines. The Samsung Galaxy 551 is a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen with a maximum resolution of 200×400 pixels.Inside the Galaxy 551 is Android 2.2 Froyo, so basically you can take advantage of the flash player on it. Another nifty feature of this [...]

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How to apply for PLDT TelPad?

Some of my friends  are now asking me on how to avail the latest PLDT TelPad service and with the few helps from Mr. Google I found the TelPad’s official Facebook Fan page . You can contact the PLDT sales via there email at  [email protected] with full name, complete address & contact number/s. More info [...]

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Google Reader for Android

Do you have so many RSS Feeds to follow? And even on the road you want to read them too? Then Google Reader for Android is the best tool for you.  Android Google Reader basic features are unread, counts, friends, sharing, liking and starring. It also supports: Multiple accounts Synced preferences Full subscription (subscribe [...]

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Honeycomb will be Android 2.4?

Google Android Chief Architect Andy Rubin took the stage at the Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco California demonstrating the Motorola Tablet which was running on the next version of Android, the Honeycomb. Rumors speculated that the Honeycomb will be the Android 3.0 but according to’s reliable source who’s a 3rd party application [...]

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Angry Birds: hottest and addictive

Angry Birds is the most popular and addictive game today.  First released in app Store for iPhone and iPad.  With more than 1 million users weekly this is the no.1 game for both iPhone and Android based Smartphone and Tablet.  This game is becoming a phenomenon that last Saturday was “Angry Bird day” where users [...]

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PLDT TelPad – monthly plans

With the recent launched of PLDT’s TelPad, people are excited with this new product and services from PLDT. A twitter follower asked about the monthly plans, so here it is… PLDT TelPad Plan: Plan 1849 1-megabit-per-second (Mbps) broadband connection and landline service. Additional Php 500/month for existing MyDSL subscribers for TelPad plan upgrade TelPad unit [...]

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