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Samsung Galaxy S III – rumors, vids, specs, coming to ces 2012

Galaxy S III

One more month ’til CES 2012 and rumors are surfacing for the next generation Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S III is rumored to have a quad-core processor clock atleast 1.8Ghz per core up to 2.2Ghz. It is capable of 3D display, 3D camera for both image and video recording. It will be powered by [...]

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Acer Aconia A200 and A700 spotted in Russia

Acer Aconia Tab A700

Two upcoming Acer Aconia Tab were spotted in Russia. Acer Aconia Tab A200 and Tab A700. The Aconia Tab A200 is a mid-range tablet while the A700 belongs to the latest Tegra 3 ‘Quad-core’ spot. The display for the A700 is 10.1″ at 1920×1200, yes it is full HD. The two Acer Android tablet is heading [...]

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Apple is trying to patent ‘Face Unlock’ like technology


Apple and Google Android are not best of friends. A current move by Apple to patent a similar technology that is already existing on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is quite ridiculous . The technology that I am talking about is the ‘Face Unlock‘. Face Unlock is a brand new feature on the latest Android [...]

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Andy Rubin: 3.7 million new Android devices activated during Christmas weekend

Android Christmas Activation

Another solid Christmas performance for Android. Andy Rubin the man behind Android tweeted that more than 3.7 million devices were activated during Christmas weekend. That figure was back up by Flurry Analytics who provided the data, both Android and iOS activation totaled to 6.8 millions and 242 million downloaded apps. The chart shows that during Chirstmas day, [...]

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Samsung shipped 1-million Galaxy Note units


Samsung happily announced that the Galaxy Note has reached 1 million global shipping. Europe and Asia are the biggest contributor in the remarkable success of the Galaxy Note. Countries like Germany and France, Taiwan, HongKong are among the top. Samsung will also see further increase in sales  as it will hit the US market next year. [...]

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LG Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade schedule

LG Optimus p920 - 3D

LG announced the list and schedule of LG Android handsets for the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update. Like Sony Ericsson, LG split their Android phone lines based on location and model.  The roll out will start in the Q2 of 2012 and  top of the line LG phones will get the first taste of [...]

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Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab wont get Android 4.0 ICS upgrade


This is not a good news to almost 10-million Galaxy S owners. Samsung dropped the support for Galaxy S (GT-I9000)  and Galaxy Tab (P-series)  Android 4.0 ICS upgrade. The reason why Samsung will not upgrade the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to Android 4 is that the system has no extra space for TouchWiz UI, [...]

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Sony Ericsson Final List of Xperia Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


Sony Ericsson released the final list of Xperia phones that will get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. SE split the two update according to phone models. The update will start from March to May 0f 2012. Update will be via OTA (3G), WiFi, and Tethering. Here are the list of Sony Ericsson to get [...]

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New Samsung Galaxy S II Custom Firmware leaked

After the release of the official source code of the Android 4.0 ICS many have tried to port it to the Galaxy S2 [SGS2] while waiting for the official ROM that will be available by Q1 of 2012 according to Samsung. Now, there is one Android 4.0 custom ROM for the Galaxy S II spotted [...]

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How to update Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.3 manually

Galaxy Nexus Android 4 update

Google is now rolling out OTA update for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Android 4.0.3 is the latest update for the Galaxy Nexus (GSM Version). The update for Galaxy Nexus 4G(LTE) version is not yet available. So if you own a Galaxy Nexus(GSM) check your update and you might be one of the lucky [...]

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