Samsung Galaxy SII hit the remarkable 20,000,000 units sold worldwide after 10 months

Weeks before the MWC 2011 last year the Samsung Galaxy S II was already making a buzz in the mobile scene. It is said to be the one of the first dual-core smartphone with SUPER AMOLED PLUS display and the slimmest smartphone. Yours truly became a huge fan of this phone and when it was unveiled at the MWC 2011 it became the star of the whole event, shadowing other phone of its time.

After the public release around April 2011, it sold more than 1-million units in 24 days and 5-million after 3 months, 10-million in 5 months and now the Samsung Galaxy SII hit the remarkable 20,000,000 units sold worldwide after 10 months.  The success of Galaxy S II is not because of the aggressive advertising and grand launching of Samsung but rather this phone live to its expectation. It broke so many benchmark records, defeating the Apple iPhone 4 and became the favorite Android smartphone.


Another factor in the success of S II is  its availability and variants. Since April, Samsung released variants in different countries to cater the needs of each carrier. It came with GSM, CDMA with HSPA or LTE variants. Until now, newer versions are released and variety of color. If I am not mistaken the Galaxy S II officially arrived in the Philippines around July to August and around fall in the United States with various configuration for carriers there. I got some issue with the old firmware but right after the upgrade firmware from Android 2.3.3 DXKI2 to Android 2.3.5DXKL3 the battery has improved.

Now with more than 20-million units sold  the Galaxy S II has the right to be called the king of smartphones and with the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade reported to be available starting from March 1 will extend its life cycle and this will be the  time to pass the throne to the upcoming Galaxy S III?

The Samsung Galaxy S III will not coming at MWC 2011 as previously reported as Samsung will have its launching event for the Galaxy III. Right now, what we all know is that will be using Android 4.0, AMOLED HD display and a Quad-Core processor but still questions are raised. Well the Galaxy S III could match the charisma of the Galaxy S II.

I feel nostalgic when the remember seeing the first images of the S II being leaked and during its launching at MWC 2011. Then I promised to myself that I will be getting one and now I am happy and contented of my S II and not considering getting an S III. Its early to tell though. The situation of S II is totally different, the hunger for power in a dual-core was my choice in getting S II and now that we are entering the quad-core era for mobile devices will this system will last long? The greatest issue among this devices is the power consumption especially in full load in WiFi or HSPA/LTE mode.

Another issue I am looking is Samsung Touch Wiz UI. The current version is great at Android 2.3.x but the latest Android 4.0 is not comparable to its lower version as it came with new UI and font-face. If Samsung will be using Touch Wiz UI 4 for Android 4.0 then you will not fill any changes in experience if you are a current Samsung Android phone with Touch Wiz UI user. This is why I am considering the Galaxy Nexus as my next upgrade if ever given the chance. I want to experience the pure goodness  of ICS with no proprietary UI on top of it.  There are even negative feedbacks from HTC users using ICS with current HTC Sense UI version. They say the design UI for Gingerbread fills obsolete when on top of ICS.

The Mobile World Congress is coming next week and we will be seeing more Android phones with Quad-core processors like the recently announced LG Optimus 4X HD and others form HTC, Motorola, SONY, NEC, Lenovo, also worth mentioning are the coming Android 4.0 ICS Quad-Core tabletss. So lets see if the upcoming Galaxy S III or other smartphone could match the record now owned by the Galaxy S II.


[via]SamsungTommorw in Korean

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