Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France

Samsung Vs AppleParis, France – Samsung  Electronics filed a lawsuit against Apple Company claiming that Apple infringed three mobile technology patents. The patent lawsuit is related to Apple’s use of UMTS Technologies in their iPhone and iPad. There is no concern about any design patent  but use of UMTS also known as 3G.

The devices included in the complaint are the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2 3G version respectively. According to Samsung’s spokesperson explained that the “complaint focuses on three technology patents, and not on the design of the tablets,”. Recently a German court banned the release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ over design lawsuit filed by Apple.

September 24, another lawsuit battle in Netherlands resulted in banning of three Samsung smartphone and again because of design lawsuit filed by Apple. Samsung then filed a counter claim last September 26.

The patent war between Samsung and Apple is going world-wide. There are lawsuits filed in the U.S., Australia and in Asia. In Korea, Samsung filed a complaint to ban Apple products sale in South Korea.

Back in April where it all began when Apple filed a lawsuit stating that Samsung is copying smartphone and tablet design. This issue is centered in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S2 and now the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both smartphone and tablet from Samsung are selling very well and I think this lawsuit is trying to slow down by denying countries to sell the Samsung devices.

What do you think about this patent war between Samsung and Apple?

Source: AFP


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