Top 10 Android apps of all time – Facebook is number one

facebook for android
In a new Nielsen survey ‘Popular Android appsFacebook for Android hit the number one spot.  Facebook for Android is the number one app across all age group in terms of number of downloads and frequently used app  excluding Android Market app then followed by Gmail, Google Map, Google Search, and Youtube. This apps are Google products and services which are preinstalled in all Android phones and tablets.

In the top 10 apps only Facebook entered the top 10 and no other social networking app is in the list even Google’s own G+ ‘Google Plus’ and Twitter.  For games category, the all time favourite Angry birds is there and very popular among older phones.

Fore more Top 10 Android apps of all time check the video:

We are in the age of social networking and Facebook as the number social networking site with more than 700-million users worldwide there is no doubt that it is the number one app and even more popular than Google apps. Smartphone buyers think social networking features when buying their phones and this powers Facebook as the number social networking site with more than 100-million mobile access daily.  The Facebook for Android app never leave the number one spot for most downloaded app in the Android market.

So Android users out there? what are your favourite apps? Tell us more by commenting below.

Source: Mashable

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