Apple is trying to patent ‘Face Unlock’ like technology

apple-face-detection-patentApple and Google Android are not best of friends. A current move by Apple to patent a similar technology that is already existing on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is quite ridiculous . The technology that I am talking about is the ‘Face Unlock‘. Face Unlock is a brand new feature on the latest Android version that enables user to unlock his/her mobile device using his face. The technology is not well secure because you can use your picture to unlock your phone instead of facing your face to the front camera but who cares, Face Unlock is cool!

Apple filed a patent similar to Google Android Face Unlock and dubbed it as ”Apple Envisions Face & Presence Detection Security for iOS Devices”. The Face Unlock is not patented by Google. The Face Unlock was seen on sci-fi movies long before the iPhone existed and other similar devices. With this current move by Apple in securing a title for this technology and if granted they [Apple] will have a new weapon in future lawsuits.

Recently Apple was granted the patent for Multi-Touch likewise, Multi-Touch is available in Android handsets and tablets. There is no current move from Apple on how they will use this against Android. Meanwhile Motorola (now part of Google) and Samsung have patented 3G technologies that is currently present in all latest Apple 3G devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Every company has the right to protect its invention or innovation by patenting those technologies but seeing how Apple blatantly copied the technology that is non-patented for the sake of future innovation  and patented for their own sake it show how greedy they are. If they will patent every piece of technology they can’t think of, the mobile industry is held hostage and who will suffer? The customer will because by experience Apple is no mood for patent mutual agreement.

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