Android Rooting for Dummies

pinoy android rooting

Rooting Android phone is just a process of gaining superuser access to the operating system. In the normal usage the system only gives you a normal or guest user status thus limiting you to dig down under the system.

So what are the advantages of rooting android phone? Having administrative or superuser access to the operating system,you can modify what’s inside of it. You can install new modded version of Android, install mod themes,  tithering the radio settings like its bluetooth, install mod apps.

But don’t celebrate yet, rooting is dangerous too. If you do not know what you’re doing you might put your smartphone to the grave.  But thanks to Nandroid, you can recover much of everything but there is also a chance that you might still break your phone, especially the initial stage. It is always advised that you need to have a fully charged system before doing rooting to avoid power failure.

The best reason why you need to root your Android phone is when the vendor no longer provides update to the latest version of Android. Many root their phone because of this to take advantage of the latest Android.

Here are some great articles if you like to learn more about Rooting Android Phone:

Note: is not responsible if you “brick” your phone. Do it with your own risk!

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  • dabomb

    its great that i found this website for filipino android users… i just wanted to ask how to install apps2d.. ive heard that it would increase the memory space so that you could install more applications to your phone… anyone knows this? im from sampaloc… please help me…

    • PinoyDROID

      you need a root access to install apps2d…