LG commits to one-level firmware update minimum

As previously reported that LG will update its Optimus One to Gingerbread, a new confirmation from LG that it will commit for at least one-level update for all Optimus smartphones.LG logo

Kenneth Hong Director, Global Communications LG Electronics, Inc

LG is committed to providing a clear upgrade path for owners of its Optimus smartphones. Just as we’ve confirmed an upgrade to Gingerbread for Optimus One, our expectation is to be able to offer at minimum a one-level upgrade for all Optimus smartphones introduced by LG in 2011 and beyond.

So what this meant for LG Android users? This will insure you that you will get at least one major firmware update  from LG. The problem is that Google releases  new Android version every six months and by experience many Android vendors does not provide major update aside from minor update for the out of the box firmware.

As an Android fan boy I always advice to new converts that they will choose those Android vendors that can provide them a major update after six months or a year after the release of their phone. This will insure that our smartphones are up to date.

If LG will stand to its commitment in providing update for their phones this will attract more update conscious Android users.  Android phone must be up to date for at least  2 years since the minimum  carrier contract is 2 years, so after completing your contract you have an out-dated Android phone if your vendor does not provide update or else you will settle down with modded Android.
Source: AndroidandMe

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